QuantIC awards £95K for commercialisation of Quantum imaging.

Published: 24 March 2021

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The UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging (QuantIC) has successfully awarded two grants with a value of £95,000 from their Industrial Partnership Fund.

These awards aim to advance the commercialisation of quantum imaging in the thematic areas of biomedicine and defence and security, as part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme.

Dr Jonathan Taylor and Professor Miles Padgett, both from the University of Glasgow, demonstrated how this essential seed funding would help to fast track the development, implementation and commercialisation of their world-class research in the field of Quantum Imaging.


Novel two-photon microscopy technology for high-speed 3D fluorescence lifetime imaging applications

Dr Jonathan Taylor and co-investigator Prof. Daniele Faccio aim to develop new technology to enable rapid photon-efficient Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) in 3D samples.  If successful, this technology could enable molecular proximity sensing in living cells on nanometer scales.  This is important in understanding the dynamics of cancer cell migration and metastasis, ultimately leading to improved understanding and treatment of cancer in human medicine and healthcare. Working in partnership with industry partners Horiba and Chromacity this project could revolutionise biomedical imaging.


Ultra-thin endoscopes for minimal invasive monitoring

Prof. Padgett and his research team aim to develop a single-fibre endoscope camera that can provide minimally invasive imaging. Traditional endoscopes are based on bundles of optical fibres.  Each pixel in the image requires its own individual fibre, meaning that the resulting fibre bundle is many millimetres in diameter. By contrast Prof. Padgett’s team have shown it is possible to make a single-fibre endoscope the width of a human hair that can see in 3D.

This project aims to build a transportable device that can produce minimally invasive images. This endoscope technology will have a broad application in a range of sectors including healthcare, industrial, and defence and security imaging.

QuantIC Director, Prof Steve Beaumont, said “These awards are excellent examples of the calibre of research and industrial collaboration that we are seeing in Phase 2 of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme. We are always looking for projects that can accelerate the application of our world-class QuantIC research into commercial applications.”

The Industrial Partnership Fund is dedicated to the advancement of QuantIC’s existing technology strands and encourages applications from academic and industry partners throughout the year and awards on a quarterly basis.

QuantIC has a range of grants available to support projects that will advance the commercialisation of quantum imaging through its Partnership Resource Fund.  QuantIC’s Business Development Team can help guide you on which fund would be most appropriate to your project.

Business Development Manager, E:Kevin.McIver@Glasgow.ac.uk T:0141 330 4080

First published: 24 March 2021